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Comparison between Drupal and other CMS

One out of every 50 sites worldwide uses Drupal!

Out of all websites worldwide, sites that use Drupal make up 2 per cent. This means that one in every 50 sites uses Drupal.


Competes with high-end commercial CMS

Drupal, while being an open-source CMS, is known for being a software that competes with high-end commercial CMS worldwide. In the 2014 Gartner Report, it was selected as a leader in the Web contents management platform field along with Adobe, Sitecore, IBM, HP and Oracle.


Comparison of open-source CMS

The CMS with the highest usage in the world are all open-source. The big three open-source CMS, namely "Drupal", "Wordpress" and "Joomla!", combined make up a total of over 70% of the market share. Up until now, many businesses were concerned about open-source software, saying that "Security is a cause for concern." and that "It's unclear where the responsibility lies". However, with a larger number of achievements and use cases being made public, open-source CMS are being used by an increasing number of businesses as an efficient way to create and operate websites.







Of the open-source CMS, Drupal is the most developed high-end CMS for the enterprise market.        
Compared to Wordpress and Movable Type, it has the characteristics of being more-easily customizable and having extensive performance-tuning features for large-scale sites.

Comparison itemsDrupalWordPressMovableType
Fee etc.License feeFreeFreeCharged
HTMLDynamicDynamicStatic (Site reconstruction)
CharacteristicsThe DB-type open-source CMS that is most widely-used worldwide. Custom modules are plentiful and a high-level of customization is possible. Aimed at mid- and large-scale sites.The blog-type open-source CMS that is most widely-used worldwide. The community is very active and themes/plug-ins are very widely available.In Japan, Six Apart, Ltd. sells and provides support and it has been used from when CMSs first became widespread. Use overseas is rare.

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