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Drupal Distribution for Japan

Digital Circus has the experience and knowhow to implement Drupal in Japan and now Digital Circus is using that to provide a Drupal distribution package optimized for the Japanese market.


  • Standard modules built-in and verified.

  • Core SEO & access analysis set up.

  • Design templates for the Japanese market.

  • Supports multiple devices (smartphones / tablets).

  • Japanese language manual.

  • Japanese language maintenance support.


Functions Provided

FunctionsExplanationStandard FeaturesOptions
Website FunctionsKeyword SearchSearch content with keywords 
Category/Tag SearchSearch content by category/tag. 
Display ContentDisplay Public Content 
Display Related ContentDisplay related content based on the same category or tag. 
CommentAdd a comment to the content. 
Connect to Social MediaConnect to social media such as Facebook or Twitter. 
Inquiry FormAccept inquiries from users. 
Site MapAutomatically display a site map based on registered content. 
Breadcrumb TrailDisplay the current breadcrumb trail for the current location on the website. 
Smartphone SiteDisplay content optimized for smartphones. 
Multi-language SupportDisplay the website in multiple languages other than Japanese. 
Member RegistrationRegister as a new member online. 
My Member PageChange member profile, reissue password, or close account. 
RecommendDisplay additional content based on the user’s activity history. 
RankingDisplay the popularity ranking of content. 
Management FunctionsContent ManagementControl the registration, editing, and publication of content. 
Category managementRegister and edit content grouped into different categories. 
Part ManagementRegister and edit common parts such as the header and footer. 
Menu ManagementRegister and edit the site menu. 
User ManagementRegister and edit members and managers. 
Access ManagementSet and manage group permission settings for each member. 
WYSIWYG EditorYou can edit the content in a WYSIWYG editor. 
File UploadUpload files such as images, movies, or PDF files. 
Copy ContentCreate content based off of other content. 
Approval WorkflowApprove or deny the content publication approval request. 
Display ScheduleSet to automatically display content. 
Meta Tag / OGP Tag ManagementSet content title, description, keyword, or OGP tag. 
Analyze with Google AnalyticsSet access analysis settings through Google Analytics. 
Version ManagementEngage in content version management. 
XML Site MapAutomatically generate an XML site map for search engines. 
Cache ManagementSet website cache settings. 
Set Site EnvironmentSet various site parameters. 
CSV Import/ExportImport and export content and users in CSV format. 
Organization ManagementRegister or edit business or shop management. 
Original DesignCreate and apply an original design theme. 


 Initial Implementation Cost
Implementation PlanBasicPremiumEnterprise
Servers (*1)1-2 Servers3-5 ServersOver 6 Servers
Initial Implementation Costs (Excluding Tax) (*3) (*3)4,900,000 Yen7,900,000 YenSeparate Estimate
 Maintenance Support Fee
Servers1-2 Servers3-5 ServersOver 6 Servers
Security Version Upgrade
Security Version Upgrade(*2)
Automatic Log Monitoring
Security Diagnostics
Monthly Fee (Tax Excluded) (*3)¥150,000¥300,000Separate Estimate
(*1) The number of servers to set up one website. This number includes the staging server if one is set up.        
(*2) This does not apply to the major version upgrade from Drupal7 to Drupal8.    
(*3) The server fees must be separate when using cloud services such as AWS.

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