• Lifood

    We adopted a custom Drupal service for Lifood, a site provided by SMS Co. Ltd. for home delivery of food for the elderly. Continue reading
  • Garuda Gateway

    We built GarudaStore, the store site where System Biology Institute (SBI)'s Gadget, an app for system biology research, is sold for download. Continue reading
  • plus plus, provided by World Family Inc., is an English learning app that allows World Family Club members to watch engaging content from World Family instructors on their smartphones, and place video calls over Skype to see each other's faces while taking part in English activities. Continue reading
  • Vanilla Air

    In 2013, AirAsia Japan was reborn as the LLC (Low Cost Carrier) Vanilla Air. Their site was built in a short amount of time using Drupal. Continue reading
  • Cropnet(Smartphone Apps)

    Cropnet is a specialized social networking service for people with a kitchen garden or balcony garden, or for those who want to start one.(Smartphone Apps) Continue reading